How does it work

In Sweden Sjöassistans has developed a network of approximately 550 service-boats which together with a number of shipyards are ready to assist you when called upon. Depending on your location and the specific type of assistance you require, a suitable unit is identified and alerted. The problem is in many cases solved at your location, or else you will get towed to a shipyard or to your Swedish home port, whichever is closest.

A mutual agreement between Stockholmradio and the coast radio stations in our neighbouring countries, provides Sjöassistans not only in Swedish waters but in Danish, Norwegian and Finnish waters as well. All you have to do is contact Stockholmradio by VHF-radio or cellphone, and Sjöassistans will organize the assistance in any of those additional areas.

It is imperative you understand that Sjöassistans is not a Search and Rescue service. The purpose of Sjöassistans is to render a helping hand, if and when you encounter onboard problems which renders your boat unserviceable but not serious enough for declaring an emergency or distress situation.

N.B. contact with Sjöassistans is only available in swedish or english language.

In case of an emergency or distress situation, always contact Sweden Rescue on VHF channel 16 or call 112.